Love is Stronger than Hate

L’amour est plus fort que la haine.

I believe that freedom always finds a way, love is stronger than hate, and peace is sought by all thinking people. As a human being, I want to live in a bowl of “Skittles” coexisting with all races and religions. As an artist, I process profound events within my métier.

Delacroix captured the intoxicating spirit of the French Revolution with “Liberty Leading the People; Picasso forever damned Franco’s fascists with his savage “Guernica;” and most recently, the American painter Graydon Parrish’s “Cycle of Terror and Tragedy” paid aching tribute to the victims of 9/11.

These photographs were captured on the streets of Paris in the days and months following the attacks of 2015. They could have easily been found in Brussels, Nice, San Bernardino, Munich, or New York. The black and white images are punctuated with vibrant color representing the voice of expression.

Threats from within and without are increasing across the globe, affecting us all. At the same time, freedom of expression is raging throughout the streets of the world, breaking out regardless of terrorism, war, repression, and religious condemnation.

In particular, the graffiti image “Donne moi de la haine je ten fais de l’amour” invites the viewer to give hatred, knowing that he or she will receive love back.