Vortex of Existence

The Uncertainty that Lies Beneath

Experiencing locations where earth, water and air meet, I discover aspects of our humanity. There are clues about what happens where we interact with nature. It is there, from a vantage point that you normally don’t see, that one can witness powerful forces coming together.

The intersection where these three come together is where humanity can exist. All three can be powerfully deserved forces. Learning to coexist is essential. This is clearly in front of all of us, yet we live our lives without taking note. I did not seek out nature photography, it sought me out. Nature forced me to pay attention.

Water, for example, can be life giving, torrential in its destruction, unifying in its symbolism, and divisive as a river cuts through the landscape. Humanity seeks to store water, contain it, redirect it and bridge over it in an effort to proclaim humanities domination. Regardless of purpose, bridges create turbulence. Bridges that ignore nature create turmoil, anxiety and misunderstanding. Bridges that work with nature are communicative, peaceful and improve humanity.